Replacement of Manhole cover

Why replace a manhole cover?

In all likelihood, you will have to replace a manhole cover at some stage. This could be a result of a vehicles load damaging the manhole cover due to its weight, eroded road or pavement surface around the manhole cover or even rust/age having taken its toll.

All in all, it is imperative that damaged manhole covers are replaced as soon as possible as it can be a serious safety hazard for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.


Users have a choice of three main materials, which each have their own advantages. Traditionally speaking, cast and ductile iron have been the material of choice due to their range of sizes and loading capacities, in some cases up to 90 tonnes; therefore, they are ideal for roads and loading docks that are frequently used by vehicles.

Galvanised steel covers are light, easy to install and have a loading capacity of up to 17 tonnes. Once again, Galvanised steel covers are ideal for roads that are used frequently by lighter vehicles.

Plastic manholes are a modern and popular choice for nearly all new building applications. Not only will they look better in a tarmac driveway but are also good for the environment as they can be recycled at the end of its lifespan.